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MUSE announces 2020 books collections, new publishers

Pricing and other details are now available for all of Project MUSE’s 2020 book collections. By the end of the 2020 calendar year, MUSE will host over 63,000 titles from more than 120 distinguished not-for-profit publishers from around the world. Our 2020 Complete collection will offer nearly 3,000 newly-published humanities and social science titles from our expanding group of university presses, scholarly societies, academic centers, and related global publisher participants.

All books on MUSE are DRM-free, with unlimited simultaneous use, downloading, and printing. Book content is fully integrated for searching and browsing alongside content from more than 650 scholarly journals published by our not-for-profit partners. Recently-announced additions to the list of publishers making their books available on the Project MUSE platform include Harvard University Asia Center Publications Program, Presses de l'Université Laval, University of Rochester Press, and University of Tampa Press.


Books on MUSE are available in collections by subject and by publication date. In addition to the annual Complete collection, including all the new books released in the MUSE collections for the year, subject- and area-studies-specific options include Global Cultural Studies, Literature, Political Science and Policy Studies, Asian and Pacific Studies, Philosophy and Religion, Middle Eastern Studies, Public Health and Health Policy, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, among many others.


Many of the books on MUSE are also available for single-title purchase, via our channel partners GOBI and OASIS. In addition, MUSE offers Evidence-Based Acquisition programs for books on our platform. Over 1,200 open access books, from both traditional and OA-only scholarly publishers, are also now available on MUSE.


For more information on Project MUSE book collections available to your institution, visit the For Librarians section of our web site. To request pricing for MUSE book products, complete our price quote form or contact MUSE Sales for more information.


New journals confirmed to join MUSE collections in 2020

Project MUSE is pleased to announce that the following journals have been confirmed to join our journals collection in 2020. All titles will be added to the MUSE Journals Premium Collection.

No further titles are expected to be added for 2020. See more details on the new titles, as well as other changes to the MUSE Journal Collections for 2020.

Please see the applicable Products page in our For Librarians section for information on the Project MUSE Journal Collections available to your library.

Project MUSE announces free access to gun violence scholarship

Project MUSE is temporarily providing free access to more than a dozen journal articles and books focused on understanding and preventing gun violence. The goal is to encourage the broadest possible engagement with current research and expertise on the topic as the latest round of gun policy debates and discussions continue in the wake of shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio. The selected content has been collected as “MUSE in Focus: Addressing Gun Violence."

"We wanted to work quickly to assemble this material," said Project MUSE director Wendy Queen. "While MUSE content is available to millions of researchers worldwide through their subscribing institutions, it was important to us that this work be made available to everyone."

The material was selected by the Project MUSE staff in consultation with publishers to provide a broad range of perspectives and expertise relevant to the policy debates that are inevitably renewed with each new incident of gun violence. Participating publishers include Johns Hopkins University Press, Michigan State University Press, Penn State University Press, University of Massachusetts Press, University of Michigan Press, University of North Carolina Press, and University of Pennsylvania Press. The collection features titles such as Private Guns, Public Health, by David Hemenway, and After Gun Violence: Deliberation and Memory in an Age of Political Gridlock, by Craig Rood.

Also included is the contributed work, Reducing Gun Violence in America: Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis, edited by Daniel W. Webster and Jon S. Vernick, which JHU Press director Barbara Kline Pope decided to make available as an open access book in 2017 after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. She had joined the Press only several weeks before that incident. Information about the book’s free availability has been shared repeatedly after subsequent shootings.

"It’s enormously sad— it’s astonishing, frankly—that this is the fourth time in less than two years at JHU Press that I have been part of an effort to make material like this available to the public in the wake of horrific gun violence," commented Pope. "It’s tremendously important that the voices of experts and the insights of years of relevant research have full weight in the discussion of gun policy by lawmakers, journalists, and the public. Lives literally depend on understanding that research-based solutions and consensus are possible."

Over 36,000 Books on MUSE Now Available in OASIS Platform

More than 36,000 ebooks from Project MUSE, focused on humanities and social sciences, are now available for title-by-title purchase in the OASIS platform. MUSE books are all digital rights management (DRM)-free, with unlimited simultaneous usage and no download, print, or copy/paste restrictions.

Project MUSE disseminates scholarly books and journals from hundreds of the world's most distinguished university presses and scholarly societies. MUSE is the latest "publisher-direct" platform to be added to OASIS, the configurable web-based ordering tool used by academic librarians to select and order print books, ebooks, and streaming video.

"MUSE is pleased to offer libraries a new channel for purchasing books on our platform via an established service provider with whom we share many mutual customers," said Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE. "We recognize that libraries have individualized acquistion strategies for ebooks and want to support tools which integrate with their preferred processes and best meet their needs for adding our books to their collections."

"ProQuest continues to invest in OASIS," said Audrey Marcus. Vice President, Book Product & Operations. The addition of Project MUSE as our newest publisher-direct platform gives librarians convenient access to quality humanities and social science content from this trusted resource."

Libraries interested in ordering Project MUSE books via OASIS should contact their ProQuest sales representative for set-up instructions.

New Participating Publishers for MUSE Book Collections, 2019 Pricing Available

Project MUSE is pleased to welcome four additional publishers contributing titles to our Book Collections on MUSE for 2019. Arc Humanities Press, Harvard University Asia Center Publications Program, University of Missouri/Missouri Review Books, and University of Tampa Press books will be available on the MUSE platform starting next year, joining nearly 58,000 titles from more than 100 distinguished university presses and related scholarly publishers in the humanities and social sciences.

Updated pricing for all MUSE Book Collections, including new collections of forthcoming 2019 titles, is now available. All book content on MUSE is DRM-free, with unlimited simultaneous usage, downloading, and printing. Books are highly discoverable through MUSE’s relationships with indexing and discovery services, include free MARC records and COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, and are fully integrated for searching and browsing alongside the content from more than 650 scholarly journals on the platform.

MUSE Book Collections are available across a wide array of subjects in including literature, history, political science and policy studies, philosophy and religion, performing arts, and public health, among others. Area studies collections including African Studies, Asian and Pacific Studies, Native and Indigenous Studies, and several others are also available. Libraries may select collections by publication year, with volume-based discounts offered for purchases incorporating several years of backlist titles.

In the summer of 2018, Project MUSE released a newly redesigned platform offering a more robust user experience, with an elegantly intuitive interface and a suite of tools focused on the researcher. Among the exciting features available in the new design are content footnotes and references presented “in-line” with the associated text in a journal article or book chapter, a streamlined search experience with a new facet for book series, a highly responsive mobile-friendly design, and the launch of “MyMUSE” accounts that allow users to create a personal library and customize their research experience on MUSE.

Additional information about Books on MUSE is available in the For Librarians section of our site. Interested libraries may submit the price request form on our web site or contact our sales office for a quote.

Project MUSE offers nearly 300 "HTML5" open access books on redesigned platform

More searchable and discoverable than PDFs, the improved new format represents the “next chapter” in OA publishing in the humanities and social sciences

Nearly 300 open access (OA) books are now available from Project MUSE, the highly-acclaimed online collection of humanities and social science scholarship, on a newly designed platform that represents a major step forward in OA publishing in these fields. The books will be delivered in a highly-discoverable and adaptable format using user-friendly HTML5, rather than static PDFs, and will include titles from Johns Hopkins University Press, Cornell University Press, Duke University Press, University of Hawai'i Press, University of Michigan Press, Syracuse University Press, The MIT Press, and Temple University Press. "This really represents the next chapter in OA publishing for MUSE and our university press collaborators," said Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE, "and we’re thrilled to have so many important works available open access on MUSE in such a flexible, useful format. Thanks to the 'MUSE Open' grant from the Mellon Foundation these titles are now available on a much improved MUSE platform and available for free to readers worldwide."

The new "HTML5 OA" titles greatly enhance a collection of almost 600 OA books in PDF format that were already available on MUSE, bringing the total of OA books to over 800. MUSE plans to add more HTML5 OA books each year. The initiative was made possible by a two-year grant of nearly $1 million from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which concluded this summer. Funds were used to develop an open source workflow for transforming epub files into HTML5 and, most importantly for users, launch a scholar-informed redesign of the Project MUSE interface that emphasizes simplicity, accessibility, and personalization. The redesigned platform includes robust support for discovery and linking, along with preservation with trusted third parties, assuring wide dissemination of OA book content on MUSE. The platform's enhanced analytics services will help publishers understand the impact of making books freely available.

"Books that are open to the world have the power to transform the discovery of new knowledge and impact evidence-based decisions and the ways in which people learn," said Barbara Kline Pope, Director of the Johns Hopkins University Press. "Supported by the generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, the innovations implemented on the Project MUSE platform are just the first step in facilitating breakthrough knowledge acquisition."

"When making a Temple University Press book available in open access, our primary goal is that it be discovered and used by as many people as possible – and partnering with MUSE ensures we achieve this," said Mary Rose Muccie, Director, Temple University Press. "MUSE's reputation and global reach, as well as the discoverability features within the MUSE platform, will bring these titles to the attention of scholars, students, and the general public worldwide. We're especially excited to have the historically significant, and formerly out of print, labor studies books funded by our NEH Humanities Open Book Program grant available on MUSE, where they can inform new scholarship in the field."

Project MUSE anticipates hosting hundreds more OA scholarly books, funded through initiatives including the NEH Humanities Open Book program, Knowledge Unlatched, TOME, Mellon grants, and other publisher- and institution-driven programs. Open access content on MUSE is fully integrated and supported alongside the more than 54,000 books and over 650 scholarly journal titles also on the platform. MUSE welcomes inquiries from publishers and other content creators with scholarship they wish to make freely available, with wide reach and rich options for discovery, linking, and transformative impact.

New Journals Coming in 2019

Project MUSE is pleased to announce that the following journals have been confirmed to join MUSE in 2019. All new journals will be added to the MUSE Journals Premium Collection.

Please see the applicable Products page in our For Librarians section for information on the Project MUSE Journal Collections available to your library.

Project MUSE Releases Newly Redesigned Web Presence

Project MUSE’s newly redesigned website is now live at With a scholar-informed design and enhanced technological infrastructure, the new site offers a more robust user experience for all of the scholarship on MUSE, with an elegantly intuitive interface and a suite of tools focused on the researcher.

Extensive user testing during the development of the new site revealed desires for simplicity, consistency, and more personalized interactions with Project MUSE’s book and journal content. Among the exciting features available in the new design are content footnotes and references presented “in-line” with the associated text in a journal article or books chapter, a streamlined search experience with additional facets for book series and thematic journal issues, a highly responsive design to meet a variety of device options, and the launch of personalized “MyMUSE” accounts that allow users customize their research experience on MUSE.

   Personalized MUSE Accounts

Users who create a MyMUSE account may save and view prior searches, build a personal library of their favorite MUSE materials (books, chapters, journals, issues, or articles), generate citations for all or selected items in their library, search within their personal library, and view their activity history on MUSE. With an account, a user may also set up alerts for their favorite journals, publishers, and subjects on MUSE, and choose to receive the alerts via email or RSS, or see them in an attractive dashboard format on the site. Accessibility was a prime consideration in the new platform design, and users may set preferences in their account to customize the interface for optimal accessibility.

   How This Affects You

The new Project MUSE website is a redesign and re-engineering of MUSE’s proprietary platform. The URL structure for all book and journal content in MUSE will remain the same and there will be no need for redirects or updates to DOI links, no impact on institutional usage statistics, nor any need to update proxy configurations. Shortly, MUSE will also be launching new portals for publishers and libraries featuring powerful tools help them more efficiently manage their relationships with us. More details on these portals will be shared with our customers and partners as they are released.

As we continue to roll out additional content and features, we expect users, customers, and business partners exploring the new Project MUSE site may have questions or comments they wish to share. In the footer of every page there is a link for Feedback, and we encourage use of this to contact us with any feedback or concerns. In particular, please use the Feedback form to report any errors or issues with the new site, as this will ensure they are promptly placed in our queue to address.

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