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Following a year of research and community engagement funded by a planning grant from the Mellon Foundation’s Public Knowledge Program, Project MUSE is preparing a Subscribe to Open (S2O) offer across multiple journal titles and participating publishers that will begin with the 2025 calendar year subscription term.

With more than 700 current journals in the humanities and social sciences on its platform, from close to 200 non-profit publishers, Project MUSE is uniquely positioned to develop and deploy a Subscribe to Open offer at scale for a significant portion of its journals. Through the support of MUSE’s community of thousands of libraries worldwide, the S2O offer will open a wealth of vital scholarship in disciplines not well served by other open access (OA) models.

S2O is a more equitable alternative to “author-pays” or Read-and-Publish OA models, including what is known as “gold” or “green” OA. S2O expands both author and reader access while requiring payment from neither. The MUSE S2O model will build upon the foundation of our existing collections model that has been a stable product in university libraries for over 25 years. Eliminating financial barriers to OA for authors and readers is a major step forward and a foundational imperative to achieving an equitable, just, and inclusive world for humanities content.

Highlights of the MUSE S2O program include:

For MUSE Journal Publishers

Initial consultations with participating journal publishers have begun and Project MUSE is ready to expand its conversations with MUSE journal publishers about its S2O program. If you would like to learn more about this important and timely offer, we invite you to complete a brief survey (<5 minutes) to assess your preliminary interest.

Take a Brief S2O Publisher Interest Survey


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