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Where can I find more specific information regarding my content on Project MUSE?

Librarians and Partner Institutions

How do I access information regarding my institution's programs and holdings?


Can we search Project MUSE book and journal content simultaneously? Search just book content?
What filter options are available in advanced search?
How do I retrieve citation information for an article I'm currently reading?
How do I create a user name?
Can I create a user name and account if I am not a member of a subscribing institution?
How do I save journal issues, articles, books, or chapters to MyMUSE Library?
How do I access MyMUSE Library?
How do I access my personal search history?
How do I delete items from my search history and clear my search history?

Subscriptions, Purchasing, and Access

How do users get access to the Project MUSE journals and books online?
Who is allowed access to Project MUSE if we subscribe?
How can my institution provide remote access for our users?
Can I access all journals on Project MUSE?
How does Project MUSE incorporate Open Access content into its institutional pricing policies?
What are the Terms and Conditions for Single Title Online Subscriptions?
Does Project MUSE allow for alumni access?
Can I access Project MUSE on my mobile device?
Can I access Project MUSE journal articles if I am an independent researcher not affiliated with a subscribing institution?
What is the format of digital books on Project MUSE?
Are the paper and digital books the same?
Are the paper and digital editions available simultaneously?
How are the books in Project MUSE collections discoverable outside your platform?
May I purchase a single digital book on Project MUSE instead of a collection?
Are the URLs for the books and book chapters in Project MUSE stable? Can we link directly to the book or book chapter?

Terms of License

What are the permitted uses of Project MUSE?
Is interlibrary loan allowed?
Are the URLs for content in Project MUSE stable? Can we link directly to the content?
Can Project MUSE articles be used in course packs? May I include them in my e-reserve?
Is it permissible for Project MUSE articles to be included in institutional repositories?
Do Project MUSE digital books have DRM (Digital Rights Management) attached?


Are the paper and digital articles the same?
Are all Project MUSE journals and books peer-reviewed? How is content selected?
What is Project MUSE's status regarding accessibility and Section 508 compliance?
What does "archive only" mean when it appears after a journal title?
How is Project MUSE addressing the issues of archiving and permanent preservation?
Does my library own the books we purchase in Project MUSE collections or as single titles?
May we download files for books we have purchased? What about printing?

Tools & Resources

Does Project MUSE provide usage statistics?
Does Project MUSE support SUSHI for accessing statistics?
Does Project MUSE supply MARC catalog records or other tools to help catalogers?
Can you notify me about new journal issues in Project MUSE?
Does Project MUSE provide instructional or promotional materials for libraries?
Where does my institution name display on the Project MUSE site, and can I change it?
How do I search for journal articles and book content in Project MUSE?
Does Project MUSE load MARC records for books into OCLC WorldCat?

Technical Information

How can I set up Project MUSE as an OpenURL target?
How can I set up OpenURL links for article citations retrieved in Project MUSE?
Where will my OpenURL links appear in Project MUSE?
Does Project MUSE Support KBART Recommended Practices?
Does Project MUSE provide a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for journals or books?
Do I need an id and password for the Project MUSE search engine when setting up federated searching?
What is a referring URL?
How can my library gain online access to Project MUSE through EZproxy?
Is Project MUSE compliant with the Z39.50 protocol for Information Retrieval?
How do I set up the connection to the Project MUSE Z39.50 gateway?
Can my library use a WAYFless URL to access Project MUSE?
How do I use the Project MUSE RSS feed when authenticating through a proxy server?
Does Project MUSE support OAI (Open Archives Initiative)?
What is Custom Print?
Does Project MUSE offer a search plugin for web browsers?