Project MUSE Supports Scholarly Publishers

For over 25 years, Project MUSE has brought digital scholarship in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences into libraries around the world, using a business model designed to support the scholarly publishing ecosystem. We offer the highest quality peer-reviewed content from non-profit publishers to libraries at reasonable prices and return sustaining revenue to the publishers.  When a library purchases books from Project MUSE, the revenue that comes into the non-profit ecosystem stays in the non-profit ecosystem. 

Project MUSE Knows the Library Market

Project MUSE’s offerings are based on ongoing market research and contact with the institutional market from around the world. The Project MUSE Books Program is designed to meet the needs of libraries by offering Collections, Single Title Sales, and Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) options. In addition to these options for gated titles, publishers can also publish Open Access books through the Project MUSE OA Books Program

Freatures of Project MUSE Books Program

  • Production services and technical expertise, support for library and publishing standards as they evolve, and constant attention to MUSE website design and functionality 
  • Continual monitoring for potential abuse at purchasing institutions 
  • Option to choose which books a publisher wishes to submit, and/or consult with MUSE to determine which of their books best fit with the collections 
  • Robust usage statistics options, including automated summary reports, granular data exports, and an interactive tool featuring intuitive data visualization modules. with the reports include filters for book, chapter, country, institution, and more. 
  • Metadata accepted via ONIX feed or through an Excel template. MUSE works with all DAM vendors. 
  • Partnership with library vendors to ensure coverage in knowledge bases and discovery systems 
  • Promotion of publisher content and brands in conference materials, social media (organic and paid), and on the MUSE site. MUSE also collaborates with publishers on publicity initiatives. 

Consult our Guidelines for Selecting Books for Project MUSE. To have your books included in Project MUSE, please complete the form Apply to Put Your Books on Project MUSE