By Project MUSE

The 2023 Annual Frontlist Collections of books on Project MUSE are now available for purchase, with a 20% early bird discount offered on purchases through February 2023. The Annual Frontlist Collections offer libraries the earliest access to newly-published books from the more than 200 university press and related scholarly publishers who participate in MUSE book collections. The 2023 Complete Annual Frontlist collection is guaranteed to include over 2,700 new releases, an increase of nearly 300 titles over the 2022 collection. The growth in collection size is attributable to both new contributing publishers, and an influx of new books whose original publication dates were delayed due to the global pandemic.

With the advance purchase of one or more of the 2023 frontlist collections, a library gains access to new titles in the collection(s) immediately upon their release on the MUSE platform, and provides its users with the latest scholarship in a DRM-free, easy to use format. With unlimited simultaneous usage, downloading, and printing, books on MUSE are ideal for both research and classroom needs.

Several new publishers have recently begun contributing books to Project MUSE and will have titles in the 2023 collections, including:

  • Center for Global Development
  • Divine Mercy University Press
  • Japan Center for International Exchange
  • SALALM (Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials)
  • University of New Orleans Press
  • University of Toronto Press

These new publishers will contribute to the depth and breadth of MUSE’s book offerings in political science, urban studies, Indigenous studies, Medieval and Renaissance studies, southern U.S. history, Austrian studies, anthropology, global development, integrative and clinical psychology, and fiction and poetry, among many others.

Project MUSE offers Annual Frontlist Collections for a wide variety of essential and emerging humanities and social science subjects, and several area studies disciplines. A Complete Collection is also available, including every newly-released collection book on the platform for the year. Pricing is based upon a guaranteed number of titles expected to be delivered, and is tiered by library type. The 20% early bird discount may be taken on the applicable library price for any orders invoiced by February 28, 2023.

More information, including descriptions of the available collections, is available on the MUSE web site. Interested libraries may complete the MUSE Books price quote form or contact MUSE Sales for pricing on the 2023 frontlist collections.

In addition to the Annual Frontlist Collections, Project MUSE now offers Books Custom Collections, which allow libraries to fully-customize their selection from the more than 85,000 titles currently available on the platform. A custom collection may be designed by filtering the full catalog of titles on criteria such as subject, publisher, series, and publication date, or more closely curated a by making individual title selections. Easily add electronic access for existing print holdings, instantly gain resources to support a new program/major, or quickly address course needs with a collection tailored to instructor requests.

All book collection purchases on MUSE include:

  • Access to free MARC records, KBART, and title list downloads customized to the library's holdings
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • Responsive mobile-friendly interface on our scholar-designed platform
  • Compliance with accessibility standards
  • Integration and linking with all major discovery services
  • Archiving and preservation with Portico

Many books on MUSE are also available for individual title purchase, either via our channel partners GOBI and OASIS, or direct from Project MUSE, and Evidence-Based Acquisition is also offered for most of the book content on the platform. Additionally, MUSE hosts several thousand open access books, from many of the same respected university press and scholarly publishers who contribute to our book collections, and from fully-OA publishers with robust editorial review processes. Browse books on MUSE and contact MUSE Sales for more information on the variety of acquisition models offered.