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How did the Russian Empire in the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries try to “solve” the question of Ukraine? Can history explain the causes of the current military confrontation?

For a deeper look into the history of Ukraine and how it affects the present, you can read, download and share these books from the CEU Press, currently free to read on MUSE, by following the links below:

·       Along Ukraine's River: A Social and Environmental History of the Dnipro, by Roman Adrian Cybriwsky

·       Ukrainian Question: Russian Empire and Nationalism in the 19th Century, by Alexei Miller

·       Laboratory of Transnational History: Ukraine and Recent Ukrainian Historiography, edited by Georgiy Kasianov

·       Heroes and Villains: Creating National History in Contemporary Ukraine, by David R. Marples

·       The Moulding of Ukraine: The Constitutional Politics of State Formation, by Kataryna Wolczuk

·       State-building: A Comparative Study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia, by Verena Fritz

·       Regionalism without Regions: Reconceptualizing Ukraine's Heterogeneity, edited by Ulrich Schmid and Oksana Myshlovska

·       Where Currents Meet: Frontiers of Memory in Post-Soviet Fiction of Kharkiv, Ukraine, by Tanya Zaharchenko

·       Memory Crash: Politics of History in and around Ukraine, 1980s–2010s, by Georgiy Kasianov

·       The War in Ukraine’s Donbas: Origins, Contexts, and the Future, edited by David R. Marples

If you’d like to know more about the relevance of these titles, you can read a summary.