By Project MUSE

The Royal Irish Academy has chosen the Project MUSE platform to host their journals, beginning in 2022. The academy’s six subscription titles span a wide array of subjects in the humanities and sciences, representing the best of Irish research.

The journals from the Royal Irish Academy are among the more than 40 titles that have joined Project MUSE’s expanded journal hosting program this year. Titles in the program are not included in the MUSE journal collections, but libraries may take up individual subscriptions to access the titles on the platform. The journal titles, along with the volume year for which coverage on the MUSE platform will begin, are as follows:

• Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (Vol. 102B, 2002)

• Ériu (Vol. 54, 2004)

• Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 13, 2002)

• Irish Journal of Earth Sciences (Vol. 21, 2003)

• Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (Vol. 102A, 2002)

• Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: Archaeology, Culture, History, Literature (Vol. 102C, 2002)

“The journals from the Royal Irish Academy offer a richly varied corpus of Ireland’s best scholarship across the arts and sciences,” said Liz Brown, Publisher Relations Manager for Journals at Project MUSE. “We’re thrilled the Academy has chosen the MUSE platform to host and enhance the dissemination of their work, and anticipate that these titles will draw new audiences to MUSE from a diverse array of academic disciplines.”

“The Royal Irish Academy has been publishing since 1787 and I am delighted to be marrying that tradition with Project MUSE’s cutting-edge platform,” said Ruth Hegarty, Managing Editor of the Royal Irish Academy. “MUSE will make our authors easy to find and read. We’re looking forward to bringing our readers to the platform and finding new readers from Project MUSE’s extensive network.”

Content from the six Royal Irish Academy journals, beginning with the volumes indicated above and through current issues, will be available on the MUSE platform by the beginning of 2022. Libraries wishing to subscribe or needing to renew subscriptions to the journals may do so via their usual subscription agency, or by emailing or via our online form (requires creation of a user account). Note that fulfillment for hosted journals on MUSE is provided by the Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division. MUSE will distribute metadata for the titles to our many discovery partners, and subscribing libraries will be able to access custom holdings data and COUNTER-compliant usage statistics through the MUSE Library Dashboard. Current content for RIA’s journals was previously hosted on JSTOR.

About the Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy is Ireland’s leading body of experts in the sciences and humanities. The Academy was founded in 1785 and it began publishing scholarly articles in its Transactions in 1787 - now six journals are published by the RIA. The Academy also publishes books aimed at communicating scholarly material to a wider public, landmark series and scholarly books. Its books and journals are double-blind peer-reviewed where appropriate and are produced to a high standard of editing and design. Awards include several Irish Book Awards, Best Irish Printed book, Institute of Designers in Ireland awards and Business 2 Arts awards. The Academy is a member of Publishing Ireland.

About Project MUSE

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