By Project MUSE

As part of our mission to promote the broad dissemination of essential humanities and social science scholarship, and in support of equity in access to scholarly resources, Project MUSE and its participating publishers are pleased to announce a program to provide free access to selected journal titles in many low-income countries.

More than 250 journals from nearly 30 publishers have committed to the program and are currently providing free access to individuals in 19 countries, primarily in Africa. The free access program is in collaboration with Google Scholar, which is indexing the free journal content to ensure it is widely discoverable, while MUSE provides the free access to any user connecting via an IP address from the qualifying countries. All available volumes and issues from the participating journal titles may be accessed for free.

“This program allows Project MUSE to provide valuable scholarly journal content to countries that are among the hardest to reach,” said Elizabeth Brown, Publisher Relations Manager at Project MUSE. “We thank our publishers for their enthusiastic participation!”

Project MUSE and the participating publishers are delighted to offer this free access to researchers and readers in these frequently underserved communities, as one part of our overall commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please visit the MUSE web site for a list of the participating journal titles, along with the list of countries with free access. Project MUSE also hosts more than 5,000 fully open access books, and several open access journals; these are freely available to everyone, worldwide. For questions about the free access program, please contact