By Project MUSE

Project MUSE is pleased to announce two journals that will join our Premium Collection for 2021, The French Review and T’ang Studies. Both will make available ten years of prior volumes, along with their current issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted both Project MUSE’s library customers and its participating not-for-profit publishers, along with the rest of the research and education community. Earlier this year, MUSE announced a decision to freeze pricing for all our Project MUSE Journal Collections for the 2021 calendar year subscription term.

One of the consequences of the decision to keep collection prices flat for 2021 is that Project MUSE will not be able to incorporate new titles into its journal collections as is usual, only replace for attrition. The two new titles above are being added to offset attrition from journals that are ceasing publication, or no longer contributing new issues to MUSE due to a change in ownership. All content previously released on the MUSE platform remains available to applicable subscribers. See our website for full details on changes to MUSE journal collections for 2021.

In recent years MUSE has expanded options for hosting journals on the platform outside its collections, both as open access and for individual title subscriptions. Please watch for future announcements regarding more hosted titles available on the MUSE platform. Many journals in the MUSE collections are also available for single title subscriptions.

25 Years of Project MUSE

MUSE has been an integral part of the scholarly communications ecosystem for 25 years, providing libraries with affordable access to vetted, essential scholarship from our community of distinguished not-for-profit publishers. In an era of continuous change, our mission - the sustainable dissemination of trusted content - remains constant. By distributing the significant majority of our revenue from library purchases directly back to our university-based publishers, we return a great deal of value to the system of scholarship, rather than extracting it. We invest in maintaining a platform that provides for crucial needs of discoverability and accessibility, complies with major information standards, and offers library-friendly and user-friendly terms.