By Project MUSE

Project MUSE, a leading platform of humanities and social sciences scholarship from non-profit publishers, proudly announces the MUSE Subscribe to Open (S2O) Program, launching in 2025. This collaborative effort marks a giant stride towards reshaping the landscape of equitable participation and access to a wide range of current interdisciplinary content

"Supporting even one non-profit humanities journal in the transition to sustainable open access would be a success story, and we are in the fortunate position of providing the infrastructure for an equitable, scalable program which may open up access to a wealth of valuable interdisciplinary content across many titles and publishers," 

Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE.

.As of January 2024, the number of participating publishers has reached 24 publishers representing 88 journals and is still growing. Project MUSE will be one of the largest S2O programs in non-profit humanities and social sciences scholarly publishing. 

"We are thrilled so many MUSE publishers opted into the MUSE S2O Program. Their participation amplifies our shared vision of moving more and more humanities content to open access. Researchers around the world will be able to read current issues of participating journals and hopefully open doors to new insights and ideas,” 

Kelley Squazzo, Director of Library and Publisher Partnerships

The following publishers have committed to participate in Subscribe to Open on MUSE. Please visit our website frequently for new additions to this list!

  • Advertising Educational Foundation
  • Center for Irish Studies at the University of St. Thomas
  • Center of Latin American Studies, University of Kansas
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
  • Dictionary Society of North America
  • Early Theatre
  • International Vladimir Nabokov Society and Davidson College
  • Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Liverpool University Press
  • The Ohio State University Press
  • Philosophy Documentation Center

Subscribe to Open (S2O) is a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive publishing model that opens access to the current year’s content of participating journals contingent on reaching a minimum revenue threshold. The success of the MUSE S2O Program relies on the collective support and collaboration of various stakeholders, including researchers, institutions, libraries, funders, and publishers.

To learn more about the model and participating publishers and journals, visit Subscribe to Open at Project MUSE.

Throughout 2024, MUSE will be working closely with our library partners to ensure continuity of support for MUSE journal products. Please reach out to the MUSE Sales Team to discuss subscription options to support S2O.