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Project MUSE is pleased to share information about seven more journal titles now hosted on our platform. These titles are not included in MUSE Journal Collections, but are either open access or available to institutions as individual title subscriptions. The titles are published by a mix of our longstanding university press partners and new participating publishers. Project MUSE has been expanding our journal hosting services and we expect to announce more new titles on the platform over the coming months.

Open Access Journal

This title is fully open access on MUSE, freely available to libraries and users around the world.

Journal of Appalachian Health
University Press of Kentucky

The Journal of Appalachian Health features research reports from a wide range of sources, as well as shorter articles on preliminary research. All research articles are peer-reviewed. The journal also includes "Notes from the Field," a section of short news and noteworthy contributions from federal, state, and local agencies and nonprofit organizations to announce program activities, grants, and research funding availability, new programs or news from those organizations about their activities that affect Appalachian health; Early Reports of Innovation; and "Voices from the Hollow," a section that highlights work, regardless of its source, being done in the community to improve the health of the population.

Free Access Through 2020

This title from the University of Nebraska Press is offering free access on MUSE through the 2020 calendar year. Starting in 2021, it will be available to institutions for single title subscription. Libraries may order directly (requires creating an account), or through their usual subscription agents.

The American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
University of Nebraska Press

The American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a peer-reviewed journal providing new insights on psychiatric disability, rehabilitation, community supports, and recovery. Its audience consists not only of researchers, rehabilitation service providers, and public policy makers, but also individuals with mental illnesses and their families, friends, caregivers, and advocates.

Journals Available for Single Title Subscription

Libraries may subscribe to the following journal titles individually and access them on the MUSE platform. MUSE currently hosts a small number of additional titles that are not included in our collections, and many journals in the MUSE collections may also be subscribed to separately. Libraries may download availability and pricing details for all journals, and place subscription orders directly (requires creating an account), unless otherwise noted below. Subscription orders may also be placed through the usual library subscription agents.

Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics
University of Pennsylvania Press

Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics offers a trans-disciplinary forum for the examination of the history of economic phenomena broadly conceived. It features original and peer-reviewed contributions by authors from across the humanities and social sciences on the historical dimensions of markets, capitalism, political economy, and economic thought. It is also interested in how economic questions interact with those of power, knowledge, race, class, and gender, as well as the interplay between the environment and the economy, in any region of the world. The journal aims to publish canon-questioning research that challenges and denaturalizes existing categories and modes of analysis. 

Electronic subscription orders for this journal must be placed through the University of Pennsylvania Press. Access will be on the Project MUSE platform.

CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and  Performing Literature
University of Hawaii Press

CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature is published by CHINOPERL, short for the Conference on Chinese Oral and Performing Literature. Its focus is on literature connected to oral performance, broadly defined as any form of verse or prose that has elements of oral transmission, and, whether currently or in the past, performed either formally on stage or informally as a means of everyday communication. Such "literature" includes widely-accepted genres such as the novel, short story, drama, and poetry, but may also include proverbs, folksongs, and other traditional forms of linguistic expression.

Early Middle English
Arc Humanities Press

Early Middle English is devoted to English literature, its production, and its contexts ca.1100–1350. The journal takes a wide view of this lively period of literary experimentation, linguistic change, and multilingual interaction in England. It promotes scholarship in Early Middle English language and literature; the multicultural, international, and multilingual contexts of Early Middle English (including studies that make explicit how such research affects modern understanding of global politics and cultures); British manuscript studies ca. 1100–1350; the backgrounds, scholarly history, and afterlives of Early Middle English; theoretical interventions in areas such as gender, sexuality, race, disability, new materialism, ecocriticim, and interdisciplinary analysis; and the creation or assessment of new resources.

International Journal of Evangelization and Catechetics
Catholic University of America Press

The International Journal of Evangelization and Catechetics (IJEC) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal presenting scholarly and pastoral articles in the fields of evangelization, catechetics and liturgical catechesis with an international scope. IJEC's essays attend to advances in the human and social sciences and are faithful to the Catholic theological tradition and so make the journal an important resource for scholars, teachers in seminaries, colleges, and universities, directors of faith formation in parishes and dioceses, catechists, and others in positions of catechetical leadership and evangelization ministry.