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Basic Search

How do I search the Project MUSE database from the homepage?
How do I perform a basic search from the search page? An advanced search? How do I clear my current search?
Can I search for a specific phrase, or only keywords when performing a basic search?
Can I choose to search only the content to which I have access, or must I search the entire Project MUSE database?

Advanced Search

The advanced search options can be found on the search page in the left hand navigation panel. There are a number of advanced filter options to choose from to help you find articles and books:

Search Box Options
Content Type
Research Area
Publication Year

Tips for Searching

How do I save my searches?
Should I search using diacritic markers? Can I also include special characters in my searches?
Should I include hyphens and other punctuation in my searches?
Does Project MUSE support Boolean search terms?

Technical Requirements

Does Project MUSE require a login to be able to perform a search?
What browser versions are supported by Project MUSE?
Does Project MUSE require JavaScript to be enabled?