Single Title Journal Subscriptions on Project MUSE

Project MUSE offers a wide array of journals as single title subscriptions. Some of these journals are also available in the MUSE collections, while others are available only as single titles. Libraries may order single title subscriptions through their preferred subscription agent. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins University Press provides fulfillment services for many titles, while others must be ordered via the publisher or their designated distributor.

Subscribing to individual titles on the MUSE platform, alongside MUSE journal collections and electronic books, provides a seamless user experience and enhances the discovery of relevant, timely content. Metadata for all journals on the MUSE platform, including those hosted outside of collections, is widely distributed to all major library discovery services. MUSE ensures compliance with current accessibility standards, and supports best practices in preservation and – when applicable – platform migration.

Use the MUSE Journal Holdings tool to see which journals are available as single title subscriptions on the MUSE platform (column O: Single Title on MUSE Yes/No)

Download the Single Title Prices and Options (.xlsx file) for details on how to place a direct order, and for pricing for journals which are fulfilled by JHU Press. 

Use the Single Title Order Form (requires creating a user account) to place a subscription order with JHU Journals Fulfillment, or to submit IP addresses for subscriptions purchased directly from the publisher or via an agent.

Single Title Subscription Details and Terms

  • All institutional single title electronic subscriptions run from January 1 to December 31 and provide access to all issues of the journal.
  • Electronic subscriptions do not provide perpetual access to the issues of a given volume.
  • Institutional rates apply to any subscriptions ordered or paid for by libraries, schools, academic departments, government agencies, and businesses.
  • Prepayment is required for access.
  • There are no refunds on electronic orders.
  • Single title subscriptions are fulfilled by the Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division, and subject to their policies and terms. For additional information, please review their Single Title Terms.

More About Ordering Single Titles

All single title subscriptions may be placed via a subscription agent. Orders for selected titles may be placed directly with the JHU Press Journals Division, which provides fulfillment services for single titles on MUSE, while others must be ordered directly from the publisher. For more details download the current Single Title Prices and Options (.xls file). For those titles fulfilled by JHU Press, institutional subscriptions are available for electronic-only and combined print + electronic format when a print version is available.

The preferred channel for orders is via agent or through the Single Title Order Form. Alternatively, orders may be placed with the JHU Press Journals Division by phone, email, fax, or mail. Please see their Institutional Subscriptions page for complete contact details.

Prepayment is required for access to all single title subscriptions. For orders placed with JHU Press, payment may be made by check or money order, or by American Express, Discover, VISA, or Mastercard. For additional details on forms of payment accepted, making a secure credit card payment, payment for international orders, and required taxes, please see the Fulfillment division’s Payment Information.

Support for Single Title Subscriptions

The JHU Press Journals Division provides fulfillment services and support for all institutional single title subscriptions on the Project MUSE platform. Please contact them directly with any questions regarding orders, invoicing, payment, access, terms, or related matters for single titles. Please review their Single Title Terms for the answers to many common questions.

Libraries may access COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, along with custom metadata for their holdings, via the MUSE Library Dashboard. Using the dashboard requires setting up an account - please create your account or contact single title support for assistance in accessing the dashboard.

Information for Subscription Agents

Agencies receive a 5% discount on the subscription rate for institutional single title subscriptions; there is no discount on postage for combined print + electronic. Agencies must provide the JHU Press Journals customer reference number on each order to receive a discount. See the Journals Division’s Subscription Agents page for further information.