(formerly called Premium Plus Package)

The Project MUSE Journals PLUS+ Package provides access to a large bundle of titles that are part of the journal hosting program on the Project MUSE platform. These titles are not included in any of the curated MUSE Journal Collections.

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All journals in the MUSE journal hosting program are peer-reviewed, from not-for-profit scholarly publishers, and cover a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines. We changed the name of this package (formerly Premium Plus) for 2024 to demonstrate that it can be purchased on its own, but it can also provide additional depth and breadth of core subject coverage when combined with any one of MUSE's interdisciplinary, curated Journal Collections - not just the Premium Collection.

However, libraries that subscribe to both the MUSE Premium Collection and PLUS+ Package have access to current content, plus all available backfiles, for most journals on the MUSE platform.

The PLUS+ Package is updated annually to include any newly-hosted journals that choose to participate. Subscriptions to the package run on a calendar year, in sync with subscriptions to MUSE's curated journal collections. Currently, the 2024 PLUS+ Package is available, and contains all but a handful of the journals that are or will be hosted on the platform for the calendar year.

PLUS+ Package Title Lists and Pricing

The PLUS+ Package is offered at a 5% discount from the sum of the individual annual subscription fees for the included titles. Further discounts may be available by ordering via one of MUSE's consortium partners. Subscriptions run on a calendar year term (January 1 - December 31), with fees for any subscriptions that begin after January 31 prorated by the number of months remaining in the current year. Access to titles in the current year package will be provided immediately upon order processing, while access for orders for the upcoming year's package (when available) will begin on January 1.

2024 PLUS+ Package

The 2024 PLUS+ Package includes 77 journal titles from 38 publishers.
Annual Subscription Fee: $11,260
Download the title list for the 2024 PLUS+ Package 

The PLUS+ Package provides an easy, affordable way for a library to add access to nearly all the hosted journal content on MUSE, expanding their coverage and helping to sustain the many independent not-for-profit publishers whose titles are included.

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More About the PLUS+ Package

Some other important details to know about the PLUS+ Package:

  • A subscription to the PLUS+ package is covered by the Project MUSE Journal Collection Subscription License.
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, holdings information, and other tools to manage the PLUS+ Package subscription are available in the MUSE Library Dashboard.
  • MUSE provides PLUS+ Package metadata to all major library discovery services, making it easy to enable discovery for the journals in the package.
  • MUSE releases details annually about the upcoming year's PLUS+ Package on the same cycle as renewal details for our curated Journal Collections. Libraries can renew subscriptions to MUSE curated Journal Collections and the PLUS+ Package at the same time, through the same channels.
  • All of the journals in the PLUS+ Package are also available for single title institutional subscriptions.