By Project MUSE

Project MUSE is delighted to announce that, beginning in 2022, five subscription journals from the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) will be hosted on the MUSE platform. The association’s esteemed titles in language, literature, and area studies will join over 35 additional titles that have signed on to Project MUSE’s expanded journal hosting program this year.

Journals in the MUSE hosting program are not included in the MUSE journal collections, but libraries may take up individual subscriptions to access the titles on the platform. The journal titles, along with the volume year for which coverage on the MUSE platform will begin, are as follows:

• Austrian Studies (Vol. 11, 2003)

• Modern Language Review (Vol. 96, 2001)

• Portuguese Studies (Vol. 17, 2001)

• Slavonic and East European Review (Vol. 79, 2001)

• The Yearbook of English Studies (Vol. 31, 2001)

Excluded from the hosting arrangement is The Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature, available via ProQuest.

“MUSE is thrilled to be working with an association with such a long and storied history of publishing in the humanities,” said Liz Brown, Publisher Relations Manager for Journals at Project MUSE. “MHRA’s titles will further enrich our offerings in some of our core disciplines including modern languages and European area studies, and we’re pleased to be able to provide them a suite of hosting services to help enhance the discovery and impact of their respected scholarship.”

Professor Derek Connon, Chair of the MHRA, said “The Modern Humanities Research Association is delighted to be joining Project MUSE’s Hosted Journals Program, which shares our goal of disseminating the highest quality research in a format that is designed to address the needs of academic libraries and their users.”

Content from the five MHRA journals, beginning with the volumes indicated above and through current issues, will be available on the MUSE platform by the beginning of 2022. Libraries wishing to subscribe or needing to renew subscriptions to the journals may do so via their usual subscription agency, or by contacting MHRA’s fulfillment partner, Turpin Distribution. MUSE will distribute metadata for the titles to our many discovery partners, and subscribing libraries will be able to access custom holdings data and COUNTER-compliant usage statistics through the MUSE Library Dashboard. Current content for MHRA journals was previously hosted on JSTOR.

About MHRA

The Modern Humanities Research Association encourages and promotes advanced study and research in the field of the modern humanities, especially modern European languages and literature, including English, and also cinema. It aims to break down the barriers between scholars working in different disciplines and to maintain the unity of humanistic scholarship. The Association fulfils this purpose through the publication of journals, bibliographies, monographs, critical editions, and the MHRA Style Guide, and by making grants in support of research. Membership is open to all who work in the Humanities, whether independent or in a University post, and the participation of early-career researchers entering the field is especially welcomed.