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By Project MUSE

The Project MUSE Premium Plus Package provides access to a large bundle of journal titles that are part of the journal hosting program on the MUSE platform. These titles are not included in any of MUSE’s curated journal collections, and are otherwise available for institutional subscription on MUSE only as single titles. Libraries that subscribe to both MUSE’s curated Premium Collection of journals, and the new 2023 Premium Plus Package add-on, will have access to current content plus all available backfiles for all but a handful of journals on the MUSE platform.

We know that for many libraries choosing to subscribe to the MUSE Premium Collection, one of the benefits historically was access to all the journals on the platform. With the launch and rapid expansion of MUSE's journal hosting program in recent years, there are now many titles on MUSE that are not available through the Premium Collection, or any other curated collection, because they are not part of that business model for journals on MUSE. The Premium Plus Package provides an easy, affordable way for a library to add access to a bundle that includes nearly all the hosted journal content on MUSE, expanding their coverage and helping to sustain the many independent not-for-profit publishers whose titles are included.

For 2023, the Premium Plus Package includes 74 journals from 37 publishers (download a list). Subscriptions to the package run on a calendar year term, in sync with subscriptions to our curated collections, and may be ordered or renewed via the usual consortium or agent channels. The Premium Plus Package is offered at a 5% discount from the sum of the individual subscription fees for the included titles, and modest additional discounts may be available by ordering via one of MUSE's consortium partners.

All titles in the MUSE journal hosting program are peer-reviewed and come from not-for-profit scholarly publishers, including university presses, scholarly societies, university departments, and independent scholar-led journals. Publishers in the hosting program may opt their titles into the Premium Plus Package offer on an annual basis. The journals cover a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines, and provide additional depth and breadth of coverage in many core subjects when combined with one of MUSE's large interdisciplinary journal collections.

Project MUSE’s journal hosting program provides an opportunity for publishers to take advantage of the many benefits of being on the MUSE platform, including search and discovery functionality, efficient production and metadata services, support for evolving publishing standards, robust usage data and analytics, and exposure to the millions of scholars, students, and libraries using MUSE resources worldwide. Among the distinguished presses and societies that have chosen to host all their subscription journals on MUSE are the University of Hawai’i Press, Modern Humanities Research Association, Indiana University Press, Royal Irish Academy, University of Minnesota Press, University of Nebraska Press, University of North Carolina Press, the Catholic University of America Press, and Wayne State University Press, among many others.