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Project MUSE Journal Products for International Public Libraries

Project MUSE offers access to both current and archival content from hundreds of prestigious peer-reviewed scholarly journals, across a large range of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. More than 200 not-for-profit publishers produce the journals on the MUSE platform, including university presses, scholarly societies, research institutes, academic departments, and independent titles. A wide variety of subscription options makes it easy to provide access to the ideal mix of titles to meet your institution's needs and budget. Our curated MUSE Journal Collections provide value for all sizes and types of libraries. Many journals are also available for institutional single title subscriptions on the MUSE platform, and a new bundle of hosted journals - titles not available via any curated collection - is now available.

Curated Journal Collections

Project MUSE journal collections are available for subscription access. Libraries may select from among our four curated, interdisciplinary collections, or may choose to subscribe to one or both of MUSE's discipline-specific collections. Six smaller subject-specific collections are also available. Subscriptions to the Journal Collections operate on a calendar year term; all subscriptions expire on December 31. Subscriptions beginning after January 31 are pro-rated for the remainder of the calendar year term, and there are no rolling subscription terms. Consortium subscription arrangements are available.

Libraries considering a subscription to one or more MUSE Journal Collections may:

Single Title Subscriptions

Many journals are available for single title subscriptions on the MUSE platform. Some of these journals are also available in the MUSE collections, while others available only for single title subscription. Subscriptions may be placed through most major agents, and some titles may be ordered directly with the Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division, which provides fulfillment services for single titles on the MUSE platform. Other titles must be ordered directly from the publisher. Learn more about single title subscription availability, pricing, policies, and procedures.

Premium Plus Package

We know that for many libraries choosing to subscribe to the MUSE Premium Collection, one of the benefits was access to all the journals on the platform. With the launch and rapid expansion of MUSE's journal hosting program, there are now many titles on MUSE that are not available through the Premium Collection, or any other curated collection. The Project MUSE Journals Premium Plus Package provides access to a large bundle of titles that are part of the journal hosting program on the Project MUSE platform. These titles are not included in any of the MUSE Journal Collections and are only available for institutional subscription on MUSE as single titles, or via a subscription to the new Premium Plus Package (first introduced in 2022). Subscriptions to the Premium Plus Package run on a calendar year, in sync with subscriptions to MUSE's curated journal collections. Libraries that subscribe to both the MUSE Premium Collection of journals, and this Premium Plus Package add-on, will have access to current content, plus all available backfiles, for all but a handful of the journals on the MUSE platform.